Difficult not to observe the environmental crisis that shake our World. We are not here to criticize – on the contrary! Follow us because we will have something to offer entrepreneurs in this world! To be continued!

Happy new year!

A few days from New year’s eve, have you thought about your New year’s resolutions? We hope that every project we produce will satisfy you amply. On these words, from the whole team of Lucidius, we wish you a beautiful year 2019!

Equipment location

Hello everyone! Starting today, we will let you rent our basic production equipment. In the coming days, you will have the opportunity to rent equipment, through the Shuttershare website. You will also have the opportunity to rent equipment on the South Shore. See you soon! The Lucidius Studios Team.


Hello! Today, we are pleased to announce that we are starting production of our political outreach program, which will be broadcast on MAtv, a Montreal (Quebec) television distributor. This show is intended to help the citizen to understand the democratic life, more specifically the city of Montreal, in Quebec. Through our various speakers, we will…

Lucidius, part 2

Hello! We quickly saw the story behind Lucidius Studios. Today we will reveal the reason for the name Lucidius. According to the Larousse dictionary, Lucidus is a Latin name, meaning Bright Light. The choice of this name is very powerful. It reveals the purpose of our Studio: to banish the darkness of ignorance, through Art.…

Lucidius, part 1

Hi! Today I wanted to take the time to tell the story of Lucidius Studios. The story of Lucidius comes from far away. The founder of Lucidius Studios, Don G. Gagnon, began his journey since 2007, when he discovers passion for the cinema. As a screenwriter, he has written several short films and feature films.…

In Development

We are proud to announce you that we are in development of two projects. – A romantic dramedy – A psychological thriller Continue to follow us to know more.