As you can see, we are in the fundraising campaign for several types of projects. We are looking for investors who want to be part of the big machine that is Studios Lucidius. What is it about?

  • Investment in a high potential cultural enterprise,
  • Possibility of return on investment of 5% / year,
  • Option to buy common or preferred shares, at the discretion of the investor.

But obviously, beyond what we have done, what is going on? Here are our projects that are in the development phase and in production.

  • Being Amy – a dramatic comedy. Feature film. Production planned for May 2021.
  • We are awaiting Radio-Canada for a 60-minute documentary project.
  • We are developing a horror fiction feature film about a little-known mental illness.
  • Speaking of little-known mental illness, we are in talks with two people to tell us their story in documentary format.
  • We acquired the rights to produce a film about a hero of the 2nd World War.
  • We have several web series projects in development, two of which are close to reaching production.
  • We also managed, with our documentary L’Énigme du Mont Saint-Hilaire, to reach several distribution platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, UDU Digital and Occultrama.

Our company also owns Portal 626 – Your Advertising and Promotional Video Agency, which has clients such as:

  • Desjardins,
  • Taxi Union,
  • Kafée Dragon,
  • Hypotheca,
  • And many others!

Interested in discussing it further? Contact us by phone at 438-922-0081, or by email at sales@lucidius.ca

One thought on “Investment

  1. Hello Lucidius:

    Congrats on founding your production house and your projects. As a fellow producer (who is also seeking funding) I just wanted to provide you with a friendly ‘heads up’ that the Canadian Securities Act is rather ‘inflexible’ about companies that solicit ‘investors.’ in Canada. My apologies if I am telling you something you already know…. Best regards and good luck, James

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