Métropolitique is interested in the functioning of the city of Montreal, in its management and administration. Under a specific theme, each episodes will attempt to discover how the city is managed. 

While the municipal world is little known to the general public, they will be called upon to react to the theme of the week. Through visits and interviews, the everyday life of democratic life in Montreal will be demystified.

Broadcast hours

Year: 2019.

First aired date: January 28th, 2019.


A MAtv-Videotron production, 
with Lucidius Studios and FAVEO Productions
  • Patricia Perron, Supervisor Producer, MAtv
  • Guillaume Coveney, Coordinator Producer, MAtv
  • Donald Gagnon, Executive Producer – Lucidius Studios
  • Myriam Kessiby, Showrunner – Productions Faveo


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6 episodes of 30 minutes.