About Us

Lucidus (Adjective)

Bright, Brilliant, Clear, Full of light.

Studios Lucidius is a Quebec-based television and film production company, a division of Portail 626 Inc.

Its mission is to produce original fiction, documentary and educational works that are both easily accessible to the general public and of outstanding quality. Our goal is to inspire our viewers to think about the world around them. We also specialize in corporate and promotional videos for all budgets.



Donald Gagnon
CEO & Producer

Producer and president of the company, he is a project coordinator, passionate about television and cinema, and has produced and directed several short films, promotional and corporate videos. He has 6 years of experience in the film and television industry.

Evelyne Girard
VP, Content

A director and scriptwriter trained in television and film, she has directed two short documentaries, as well as several promotional and corporate videos. She has 10 years of experience, mostly in television.



Lucidius Studios’ mission is to produce works of fiction and variety that are both easily accessible to the general public and of outstanding quality.

The company places particular importance on the involvement of creators in the production of works and encourages their direct participation throughout the production process.

By putting finance and production at the service of creation, Productions Portail 626 Inc. is able to offer viewers and moviegoers in Quebec and elsewhere exceptional works that leave their mark on popular memory.