Lucidus (Adjective): Bright, Brilliant, Clear, Full of light.

Lucidius Studios, founded in 2016, is a Quebec-based television and film production company. Its mission is to produce original fiction, documentary and educational works that are both easily accessible to the general public and of outstanding quality. Our goal is to inspire our viewers to think about the world around them. 

We proposed our first television show in 2014 to regional television station TVRS, Portal Sciences, which ended in April 2015. So, armed with this project, we opened our production box. At the end of June 2017, we completed our first feature-length documentary, The Mount St-Hilaire Enigma. Holding all the accreditations from the Ministry of Communications, the company screened the documentary in three theaters, and then distributed the film on the following digital platforms: Amazon Prime, UDU Digital & Occultrama, to name a few. Following this commercialization, the company managed to secure a co-production with MAtv- Montreal, to produce the 6 episode show, Metropolitics, which aired on Videotron channel in 2019.

Interspersed with these productions, we broke into the corporate video business for 3 years. However, as it is a saturated field (over twenty just in the city of Longueuil and over thirty in downtown Montreal), we took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to restructure the company and sell royalty-free video, audio and photo footage online.



Award: Best feature Script

Movie: L’Esprit Libre/Being Amy

Festival: Paris Play International Film Festival

Year: 2021

In the News

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