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We live in an age where everything moves very, very fast. With the advent of the internet, we have access to everything, everywhere, all the time. Writing an article to present what you’re selling is a good thing, but doing it on video is even better!

Interaction is stronger, and it’s easier to project yourself into it. In fact, why do you think Facebook favors imported videos over YouTube (or other) links?

Some figures


YouTube has over a billion users, or nearly a third of the world’s Internet users.

When I do a search on Google, one of my first reflexes is to switch to the video tab. Depending on the title and the thumbnails (which is why it’s so important to make them pretty and attractive), I choose the ones I want to watch, and there I am, in the flow of videos on the net.

Some of us (admittedly fewer and fewer) still think that television is essential for communication. Personally, I think it’s a thing of the past.

The number of YouTube views exceeds any TV channel’s audience, and I think they all secretly dream of coming close. YouTube alone accounts for between 3% and 4% of page views worldwide (according to Alexa), and its homepage alone attracts almost 3 million unique visitors a day in Canada.

6 Months of Disney+ on us

Are you beginning to see the importance of having a video presence on the Internet?

Be present on the net

Make videos, be visible
Now we come to the most important point.

You’ve just read my article (or seen my video) and you’re saying to yourself “He’s got a point”. Well, let me tell you something: you’re right, I’m not wrong (not a bad one, eh?!).

You’ll have understood that making videos is ESSENTIAL for anyone who wants to make it big on the Internet, and the good news is that we can help you achieve your goals!

So what are you waiting for to take action, to develop your business or your passion in videos!

Comment on what’s holding you back from making your own videos, and what your main difficulties are.

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